Caffe Lil Italy

Caffe Lil Italy is an authentic Italian cafe that has been residing in Boston’s North End for years.

The Caffe Lil Italy’s old world charm gives one a feeling of being in a romantic cafe in “Little Italy.”

It has truly been a privilege for us to bring a taste of Italy to our Bostonian’s and out-of-state patrons.

Please stop by to savor the true “gusto” of our cappuccino, espresso, ice cream, muffins, smoothies, Italian pastries, paninis, salads, breakfast etc

Caffe Lil Italy brings a piece of Italy to you through our beans and our cafés. Whether you are sipping a cappuccino or having an espresso you will have an experience that is both inspiring and uniquely Italian.

Free Wireless Internet is available, and we are also dog-friendly!